Cosplay Token have just dropped a mad bunch of new updates! I want to share some of the most exciting parts with you here!

This blog post was in danger of being too big because there is just so much great news on this matter that I struggled to find a way to condense it. Cosplay Token can easily speak for themselves though – with their awesome new redesign and content offering! Here are some vital details and some of my favorite parts of the latest Cosplay Token info drop!

The time is now to start earning your Cosplay Tokens. Cure World Cosplay have just launched their Airdrop! It comes with a fully updated and very shiny Website as well as a matching Whitepaper revision!

I need to clarify that I am not an expert on Cosplay Token just yet. I am however confident that the majority of us don’t fully realize what Cosplay Token can do for our cosplay economy and community yet either! Cure have now gone a long way in explaining all the current live elements to us very nicely with their new updates. For those who want to get straight into partaking in the current airdrop, you can find a blog post I made about that here (Airdrop only live until 30 June 2018).

I just want to highlight a particular favorite piece of information from the Whitepaper here:

“The Anime, Comic, Film and Game industries hold a total market value of more than 180 billion dollars.

Although the cosplay market is yet to be specifically quantified, it is approximately worth 25-50 billion dollars, and is continuing to rise steadily (since 2010, it has increased by 15%). However, we believe the potential market could be far greater—currently, the Anime, Comic, Film and Game industries hold a total market value of more than 180 billion dollars, and while much of these audiences share values with our players and users, cosplay is not as easily accessible to them due to issues within our industry. By resolving these problems, we believe we will enable a far greater audience the opportunity to participate in cosplay. Through our Cosplay Token, we are looking to quantify the cosplay industry and boost the potential market value dramatically, up to five times the size. By providing the community with an easier way to reach financial settlements, while protecting their copyrights and ensuring trust and transparency, we can ensure that players are properly rewarded for their services and increase the sustainability of the cosplay industry.”

I think it’s really important to realize the actual industry value of cosplay and to see it championed by such a successful cosplay giant – Cure World Cosplay! There is no way Cosplay Token is not a sustainable venture to get into & a place where it’s normal for cosplayers to receive a return on their cosplay investments.

I know one of the first steps to being involved in the COT system is making a very quick and easy user account on their Cure World Cosplay website. Why do that you wonder? Well, this is where it was born – a massive global cosplay industry network and the hosts of the biggest international cosplay competition, the World Cosplay Summit! Did you know Africa as a continent hasn’t entered into the WCS before? Well, it is finally happening at one of our local conventions this year. South Africa will start to represent at the annual WCS event in Japan if all goes well! It is definitely setting up to be a big success so far!

A prime spot to be in if you are at all interested in COT, is their Telegram group!

That is a mouth full to leave you with for now, but I will be back with more blog posts about this awesome turn of events very soon! Keep an eye out for my interpretations!

Until my next post!


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