& No, I am not talking about my self… but Cosplay Token! Check into this blog post to discover what I’m on about! 

Cosplay Token is still shrouded in fog of war, but allow me to light the way. Let’s explore one of the most amazing abilities that COT has!

What I want to highlight is that COT is an actual realistic and viable challenger to Patreon when it comes to grinding cosplay for money. All you need is a crypto wallet that is compatible with Ethereum – or better yet – your very own Cure World Cosplay COT Wallet! An Ether Wallet is the more complicated route to go and typically for someone more familiar with crypto. Instead, if you choose the more user friendly COT wallet for holding your Cosplay Token it will be an easier process AND you get additional perks from the awesome peeps at COT by Cure World Cosplay!

Cure World Cosplay has been the go-to global cosplay portfolio for sooo many of us. It’s not only for cosplayers, but other key players in the cosplay industry as well, such as: Make-Up Artists, Prop Makers, Photographers, Touch-Up Artists and Stylists! That’s a massive market for COT to tap into! Do note that the COT Wallet is not integrated yet, but you will be able to have one only if you have a profile on the Cure World Cosplay website!

Hang tight for more viable details soon!

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