This first time annual convention was really a blast & I am grateful that White Rabbit Gaming made it possible for me to be there – where I could cosplay and hang out with friends! 

Usually conventions are so hectic that I do not use my phone at all & I would love to find ways to be more available to my friends and supporters at these big crazy events going forward. This meant I didn’t get to create many of my own photos during the event, but below you can see an album of my favorite photos that have been sent to me by different people.

I also really want to mention some of my favorite parts of this experience. They are as follows:

  • Being able to support Boostios in Overwatch cosplay in person throughout their weekend of activities at the convention. It was such a massive pleasure.
  • Meeting my White Rabbit Gaming clan brethren from Johannesburg that I do not get to see in person generally.
  • Socializing with my cosplay friends that are in Johannesburg that I do not get to see often either.
  • Planning for World Cosplay Summit try-outs with Kinpatsu Cosplay! We decided on our characters =^u^=
  • Playing an Overwatch Free For All mini-contest in my D.Va Cosplay alongside my team captain and a really cool McCree cosplayer. It was high noon all the time!
  • A small group of very young boys tackling me in my D.Va cosplay and freaking out to be meeting D.Va in real life. This was the cutest character fan moment of the weekend!
  • Meeting Yaya Han in person! She is sooo personable and inspirational & we are so happy that she could join us locally!
  • Meeting the also very inspirational artist, Jack Parow!

It was a lovely experience and I look forward to more awesome cosplay moments going forward! Thank you to everybody who has been so incredibly supportive of my cosplay & e-sports journey, you guys are da bomb! I could not manage being at this event without you.

Much Love,


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