Cosplay Token have created a fun way for users to partake in their airdrop!

First things first, to be able to benefit from the COT airdrop at all, one needs an account on the globally renowned cosplay website – Cure World Cosplay. Here is my account for interest sake. Anybody who is at all interested in cosplay, or plays any role in the cosplay world (even just viewing it), can have an account there. If you are a Bancor crypto holder you are also eligible for the airdrop participation, even without a World Cosplay website account. So make sure either of these two requirements is met before you take your airdrop application any further.

You will also need a Etherium Wallet address which COT uses to pay into. I made a compact guide on how to make your own Ether Wallet here. This wallet address will be the last piece of information you fill in when signing up for the COT airdrop..

The airdrop application has been made quite fun, with applicants being able to vote for their favorite cosplay ambassador during the application process. Since I am an ambassador for my country, South Africa, show us some love by voting for me! By using links I generate for the airdrop to sign up – it will increase my stakes as a cosplay user of the COT system and I would really greatly appreciate your boost!

This airdrop is only live until 30 June, so make sure you get on it! It is basically FREE COT which is well on its way to gaining more and more real-world value. Don’t be one of those peeps who regrets not participating when the currency has major use in the real world. All of us who love cosplay can benefit in various ways, and I will be sure to detail that for us all more on this blog going forward.

If you have any questions about this, please do post in the comment section below and I will see to it that you are fully informed at my soonest capability.

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