Hi there! I’d like to introduce you to one of the partners the Cosplay Token team chose to work with! This is a special partner responsible for something really magical!

When COT upgraded their design angle I must say I wondered who was responsible for that! The quality is just impeccable. Turns out Mo Works are the wizards behind the amazing upgrades! They also handle marketing for COT! They don’t just specialize in general marketing – they are incredibly on point with cryptocurrency marketing in particular! Just check out this cool video they made!

There is no doubt of what a great decision it was for Cosplay Token to partner with Mo Works. For any big group who is looking for someone to handle things the way Mo Works does, you know where to go now!

Here is a link to their website, their ICO Marketing web space & you can also find them on Facebook!

I am really excited to see what they create next for COT!

Keep up the great stuff Mo Works!

Much Love,


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