The Cosplay Token team has made some amazing partnerships that I would like to elaborate on. I think it says a lot about these reputable companies to be partnering up in the crypto world! 

Bancor offers both a network as well as a protocol. Here you can find their website and also see the exchange platform they have.


Topchain offers a community where game developers and players connect. They also have mining capabilities !


HowDoo is a social media application which I am super curious about. Currently their website is under construction/renovation, but I signed up to their news e-mails to follow the latest developments. After all the other failed social media platforms, this is definitely an application I am interesting in testing! Who knows all the fun ways Cosplay Token will integrate here!


The Cosplay Token website title menu has a big button on that reads ‘Get Cosplay Token’. If you click on that the following window pops up:

SelfKey is integrated into this step of getting your Cosplay Token. That is because COT take our security and identity information very seriously. SelfKey protects all KYC (Know Your Customer) documents which involve things like a selfie, proof of ID & proof of Address. These documents are required by COT to ensure that people do not commit fraud.


I recently blogged about Mo Works because they have really blown me away as a fan of Cosplay Token! They are amazing cryptocurrency marketing specialists!


I want to thank these partners for helping to make Cosplay Token as successful as it is so far! I am deeply grateful – because COT can help us survive & thrive.

Much Love & Until Next Post,


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