Hey there everyone! It’s time to look into the amazing work of another international cosplayer, and this time I inspect the perspective of Kaika from The Cosplay Chronicles.

Since getting my sewing machine in December 2011 her sewing tutorials have been some of the most helpful I have come across and used! So thankful for her effort to share that!

Idamaria from Defense Devil (Manga)


1. When did you start cosplaying and why?

I started somewhere in late 2001. Being a major fan of the 2D even before knowing Anime, I was immediately captured by the sheer awesomeness of being able to be my favourite character even if it was just for a while. 


Megurine Luka from Vocaloids (Singing Synthesizer)


2. How do you decide what to cosplay?

Mostly based on my love for the character! Passion and love is very important in Cosplay. It’s the one thing that drives you through the horrendous hassle of bringing the costume together. I also try to select characters that suit me physically.


Kyoko from Skip Beat (Anime)


Another very relevant Kyoko pic, I just love this anime!


3. What characters have been your favorite to cosplay so far and why?

Honestly, it’s hard to select a favorite! I love each and everyone of them for different reasons and went through the trouble of researching or making all of them. 

But I guess to answer your question, I do like my Idamaria (Defense Devil) costume in terms of comfort and effect. It’s a costume that works well on photos but Isn’t too in un-comfy to wear. 


Idamaria from Defense Devil (Manga)


4. What are the positives and negatives of cosplaying in your opinion?

Wow, so many!

Cosplay is a really good way to make friends and connect with people all over the world. Of course, internet facilitates the communication but Cosplay and Animanga are the topics of discussion. And all the crafting abilities I gained along the way meant I could walk into a fashion store and think to myself “I could do that”. I guess it is a form of empowerment.


Kagamine Rin from Vocaloids (Singing Synthesizer)

The down side of cosplay, and one of the main reasons that sometimes makes me want to quit it, is the incredible amount of money, time, effort and space it consumes.

Beyond the money spent, it’s also the subconscious mindset I bring into my daily life. I tend to avoid throwing stuff away in hope that one day it would save a costume of mine. Sometimes it does, most of the time it doesn’t. Needless to say, the amount of junk in my house piles up, much to my mom’s dismay.


5. What has been the hardest costume for you to create/obtain so far?

Luneth from Final Fantasy 3 comes to mind first. Then it’s Zakuro from Otome Yokai Zakuro. And then there’s the black velvet wings for Mogami Kyoko from Skip Beat. Actually, almost every costume is difficult to me in some sense. Every new costume is a new challenge.


Luneth from Final Fantasy 3 on the far left


Zakuro from Otome Yokai Zakuro (Manga)


I love these shots with the blade!




6. What cosplay costume(s) are you working on right now?

At the moment, Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


7. Who/what else are you looking forward to cosplaying in the future?

I’m hoping to expand my genre and cosplay more Male characters! Some in the queue is Taikoubou from Houshin Engi and Otani from Lovely Complex.


8. Can you share a few tips for beginners?


Shiemi Moriyama from Ao no Exorcist (Anime)


Start with a character you like and start small! Don’t be too ambitious and aim for a costume that is beyond your technical abilities. Set aside as much time and money as you can because you will make mistakes and you will take longer. Don’t be afraid to ask for help but always do your own research before asking. Expecting someone else to spoon-feed you is a big no-no and more often than not, the other party will sense it and reject you. Which in turn, will likely demoralise you and end your Cosplay journey prematurely. 


Shana from Shakugan No Shana (Anime)

Prepare your costume way in advance so you don’t have to rush. Test your makeup, wig & costume before the actual event to avoid costume malfunction.

And of course, don’t jump into the hobby thinking you will become the next Cosplay Idol or something like that. That doesn’t happen to most of us. Focus on having fun and be grateful you have the chance to indulge in an activity as frivolous as dressing up when there are people starving out there.


Another bad-ass Shana shot!

Lastly, remember to HAVE FUN :D!


Deviant Art Profile:  http://elpheal.deviantart.com/

The Cosplay Chronicles Blog:  http://thecosplaychronicles.vze.com/

World Cosplay Profile:  http://worldcosplay.net/member/27069/

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