Monika Lee, one of my favorite costumers/cosplayers on this earth.

Her photos and interview below show will show you why I think so. You can also find links at the bottom of the post related to her. This compulsive gamer has got it going on!

Apart from her amazing costuming/cosplaying work she is a really friendly and funny lady! I am very happy to finally be able to feature her here! *happy dance*


1. When did you start cosplaying and why?


I started cosplaying in 2006 because I had recently discovered anime and manga and with that, the world of cosplay. I was so excited to see that there was this amazing community that took their love of their fandom to the next level and it just seemed like a really fun thing to do!


Her Jill Valentine from Resident Evil.


2. How do you decide what to cosplay?


My choice on what type of cosplay usually depends on what video game I’m playing or what tv show I’m watching at the time. For example, I started reading my New Teen Titans comics and I really love Wonder Girl’s character and look, so I’m cosplaying her! I also really love to do groups so if there’s a chance I can cosplay with any of my girlfriends, I do it!


Her Rogue from X-Men.


3. What characters have been your favorite to cosplay so far and why?


My favorite one as of now is probably my Little Sister from Bioshock. I play a lot of video games (probably to an unhealthy extent), but I find I can’t cosplay any of my favorite characters because, well, do you see me as Kratos from God of War or Nathan Drake from Uncharted? haha, so that’s why I was so stoked to do a Little Sister because they’re so creepy and the game is so amazing!


Her Little Sister cosplay from the Bioshock game.


4. What are the positives and negatives of cosplaying in your opinion?


The biggest positive of cosplaying, in my opinion, is the community and the people you meet. I’ve met some remarkable people in my few years of cosplaying and I’ve made some amazing friends. However, I feel as if cosplay has become a competition (outside of the cosplay contests), lately, of who’s the prettiest, whose cosplay is the “best” and who is “cosplay famous”. It’s just a hobby, people! haha.


Yukari Hayasaka from Paradise Kiss.


5. What has been the hardest costume for you to create/obtain so far?


I recently completed my Yuna from Final Fantasy X, and though the sewing itself wasn’t difficult, I really wanted to make a prop that was durable and fancy! I went to my friend Chris who makes crazy awesome props and he really helped teach me how to make a prop that was affordable, yet sturdy and well made. I went to his workshop three times a week after school and worked for hours right up until the convention. Hopefully I can start making more prop/armor related things now!


Her Yuna from Final Fantasy.


6. What cosplay costume(s) are you working on right now?


I actually have a lot of costumes right now and I’m not really sure which ones I’ll be starting and completing first. I have Lara Croft from Tomb Raider: Legend, Wonder Girl from the New Teen Titans, Jubilee from X-Men, Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere, Disney couture Rapunzel, and Hoshina Airi from Meru Puri. A LOT OF STUFF.


Monika as Belldandy from Ah My Goddess! (anime)


7. Who/what else are you looking forward to cosplaying in the future?


I can’t wait till the new Tomb Raider by Square Enix comes out because I really want to cosplay the young Lara Croft. I would also like to make another Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, especially with the new season out!


Her Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones (tv series).


8. Can you share a few tips for beginners?


For beginners, I’d say the best tip is the internet! It’s so much easier nowadays to just google tutorials on how to make things for your costume. In addition, the materials and resources for making cosplays are so readily available! I learned so many things by simply googling tutorials and researching techniques. And don’t be afraid to ask questions to other cosplayers!


Amano Rydia from Final Fantasy IV.


9. Please tell us how long you have been gaming, how you got into it and what a few of your favorite game titles are.


I’ve been gaming since I was like a fetus! My family had a Sega Genesis and my sisters and I played Sonic the Hedgehog all the time! I’ve had an N64, PS2 and DS Lite since then, but my child is definitely my PS3. A few of my favorite games are Uncharted, Bioshock, Left4Dead, Final Fantasy X and Tomb Raider. Right now, I’m playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, Portal 2 and Assassin’s Creed. And I can’t wait for Bioshock: Infinite to come out! Eeee!


Another version of Jill Velantine from Resident Evil.


Monika has the following online profiles available:

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Twitter page:!/MnikaLee

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