Hi there! I’d like to break down a little bit more of the Cosplay Token Whitepaper. This time their focus on sustainability & solutions is what I want to shine some light on.

After the glossary discussed in my previous (and first) article about the COT Whitepaper, they proceed to give their whitepaper readers an overview of the cosplay industry and how Cure World Cosplay plays a part in that. What really stands out for me is that the value of cosplay in the economic sphere is thoroughly looked into & values are provided. In my 7-8 years of active cosplaying I have never seen this kind of coverage for cosplay anywhere else.

What I really want to get into for this article specifically are the problems that COT have identified within the cosplay world and how they can help us solve them!

Ever since Cure World Cosplay was established they have picked up on many frequencies surrounding cosplayers. They have spoken to a vast amount of people within the cosplay-sphere, be it cosplayers or just viewers of the art, & through this they have isolated 5 key issues that cosplayers face. Let’s look at what they are and how COT can help!


Problem: Cosplayers don’t always have accounts within which they can receive payments. Even if they have a Paypal account, this is also affected by banks that claim fees for transactions.

Solution: Cosplay Token is cross-border and has NO fees attached to it! Anybody can send and receive COT even without a bank account. COT users will be able to easily manage their funds on the Cure World Cosplay platform once their very own wallet system has been activated. In the meantime you can create an Ether Wallet for yourself since COT is attached to Ethereum. COT will also be exchangeable with other crypto currencies.



Problem: Issues with copyright and revenue sharing have been holding the cosplay industry back.

Solution: COT are implementing a system where copyright can be recorded on the blockchain, which will allow for share and revenue sharing to be allocated via Smart Contracts. Basically ownership of creations and returns will be transparent on the trusted COT platform.



Problem: People who are malevolent or ignorant enough to harass others can easily use the internet to their advantage. Cosplayers are often harassed in different ways and can sometimes receive bad service delivery from suppliers.

Solution: COT users can evaluate each other, identify each other and also correspond with each other accordingly to help curb harassment. All of this will be secured on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. Talk about a solid review platform!

I made a video recently discussing some of the harassment that cosplayers are at risk of if you would like to hear more about that!


Problem: Many cosplayers spend countless hours perfecting their art. I can attest to this and to all the work I have done getting absolutely NO return in terms of value! This can deter a lot of cosplayers from continuing on their cosplay journey. COT users with amazing cosplay related skills also often go without any/enough promotion/rewards/returns that they very much deserve!

Solution: Cure World Cosplay connects all users within the industry and makes it easy for them to receive the exposure they need. We can easily find the users we like, write articles and also receive evaluation from other users on the COT platform. More ways for us to actualize our value within the industry will also become available through COT and I’ll be sure to share the details!


Problem: A lot of information on cosplay events can get lost in translation due to cosplay being a global industry.

Solution: Information and articles can be evaluated by other users which will help to clarify details for all viewers.

Check out the awesome Cosplay Token website!

Those are the 5 issues! I know that crypto currency related discussion can be tricky to follow especially if you are super new to it. Hopefully my blogs on the topic help a little bit. COT is something I am SUPER excited about and I look forward to us learning more about it!

Join COT on Telegram to chat directly to the team & others involved.

COT have proved that they follow up on the development they promise and seeing it come to life is really awesome. Keep an eye out for more of my blogs or subscribe if you don’t want to miss a beat!

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