Hi there readers! This is an easy guide on how to create your own Ether Wallet.

You will need to go to the official website here – www.myetherwallet.com. See below a short series of screenshots walking you through the Ether Wallet creation in my own words. Please note that a test wallet was created for the sole purpose of demonstrating this guide.


Screen 1:

Enter a complicated password and click Create New Wallet.

As with all cryptocurrency passwords it is essential that you keep multiple backups to protect you from loss. This means using a physical written/printed copy and also a flash drive for password saving as a text document. These passwords need to be hidden very far away. If you have a safe that is a good place to put it.


Screen 2:

After clicking on Create New Wallet you will be met with the following screen.

Now click on Download Keystore File. A file will be downloaded which you need to back up in the same place as your Ether password. Next you need to click on the “I Understand, Continue” button. This will lead you to the following screen.


Screen 3:

To show you what a private key looks like here is the example from this test, 4b6fb4ab2ed921597c3874b8bf4b24a6856b4ec8c23fe79257ac6163bcedf81a. You can either choose to print a paper wallet through the website, or you can just print out the private key from a text document. Remember to back it up digitally as well and never share it with anyone.

The website also allows you to save a very nice .pdf version of your private key by clicking Print Paper Wallet. See that below.

Screen 4:

On Screen 3 above you will see a button called “Save Address”. Click that.

Screen 5:

This screen will open up next. In order to access your wallet we are gonna use the private key method. Tick the private key option, paste in your private key and click on the Unlock button which will only appear once your private key is entered.

You will then be taken to the wallet interface. This is the next and final screenshot from this guide.

Screen 6:

Your wallet address will be found in the top right corner where it says “Account Address”. In this test example the address would be “0x586364790FC899415cd3Df1386F8F63877F8cEED”. Ether addresses always start with “0x”.

This is the address where you receive crypto tokens.

I hope that was helpful!

Until next post,


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