So out of all the space related movies out there, Star Wars has been a part of my childhood and some of my more preferred space movies to see. My favorite characters are the Ewoks. I had a gig opportunity to take a Star Wars cosplay to a game launch for Battlefront & since I love making animal ears for costumes and wanted to work with fur, I chose to make a Humanoid Ewok costume.

I took their image which you can see above, and conceptualized something I would like to make for my self as seen below. I like to do a doodle of the costume designs or alterations I come up with before getting started. It it also what I use to determine which materials and how much of each I need.




If you haven’t yet, check out my article on Why I am Releasing my Craft Notes to prepare you for what’s ahead lol!



This costume particularly was made in a week after hours. This obviously reflects in the quality of the pieces when they are inspected individually and up close. It is not the quality of work I would enter into a competition for example.

With that out of the way – by the time of making this I already knew how to wing a tank top type of shirt for my torso, so I could mark a pattern onto the fabric based on measurements. Since this one is made out of fur, it looks more forgiving than something tighter looking. After initially putting the top together, I took the sides in a little bit to tighten it up on my waist & added darts under boobies for the same reason – a more suitable fit. The neckline was cut into a V shape while worn.

When working with fur it’s recommended to not cut the fur in a way that it looks stubby, therefore I took great care with how the ends of the fur strands looked here. You can see what I mean by the bottom edge of this top.



I didn’t get it right as nicely with the bottom edge of the skirt but it was not too much of a noticeable issue. The skirt is just a strip of fur with the strands facing downward, connected with the seam on the front of my right leg. I sewed the seam so that it has a halfway slit to give it a bit of a tribal feeling. The upper edge is hemmed with no elastic. I was able to just climb into the skirt from the bottom and have it rest on my hips.

The arm cuffs are just tubes made similarly to the skirt by being hemmed at the top and with natural looking strands along the bottom edge. The same technique was used for the leg covers which you will see in a photo below – they were just flared out towards the bottom a little bit. I used a raw dark brown lining fabric (no hemming or anything, just cut strips) to wrap around the arm cuffs and leg covers. None of the clothing parts were lined with anything. This is a pain if worn onto bare skin, but I conceptualized this design with clothes underneath for coverage.

The same fabric was used to cover an alice band for the ears. I didn’t NEED to cover the alice band, it was mostly just an OCD thing to do in case it showed in any way through the hood I was going to fit over the ears. Since this was a quick cosplay I did not go the extra mile to make the inner ears look natural in terms of their shape. I did however use some paint to darken it so that it melded in with the colours better, which you can see in the next photos. The furry ear parts were half ovals inverted with a sewing machine and hand sewn to the covered alice band. When you place fur pieces (like for basic ears) onto each other with the fur sides together and you sew it to invert – once inverted there is a part that takes some time ahead. The fur needs to carefully be pulled out of the seam. I do this with the blunt side a seam ripper tip (the metal ripping tip). This is also an area where things can go really badly, and that is if you cut the excess off before pulling out the strands. If you do that you will end up with stubby looking fur that looks unnatural. So don’t cut off the excess for furry ears. It can be tempting to do if you have a habit thereof!



The hood is going to be a bit tricky to explain as I did some crazy innovation not photographed on the inside.



It was just a big piece of rich brown lining fabric used, no hemming around the bottom to suit the tribal theme. I threw it around my head, neck and shoulders to find a suitable look in the mirror. The middle of the folded front at the forehead would fold into a corner facing upward which looked utterly ridiculous. That was not a detail I wanted to skim out on. So I added in a folded piece of felt on the inside which you can see gives the front edge some structural integrity. The outer felt and fabric details were just very basically hand-sewn onto the top & I used that to also secure the felt inner so that it does not move around or fall out. Then I just made some slits for the ears to fit through. I did that by wearing the ears and then putting the hood around my head and feeling where the ears would need to stick out. This is a tricky bit that gets better with practice. It is noteworthy to make such slits a bit smaller rather than bigger so that they are better hidden and so that they don’t flop open around the ears. The fur helped to also hide this.

I don’t have any more progress photos so I’ll explain the rest off of this full body cosplay photo below.



From the bottom up, pumps are an affordable shoe to use for a cosplay like this so I found a brown pair locally.

I also used some varying brown fabric strips to weave a tribal looking belt as detail for the skirt.

At the time I had picked up the most body fat I ever had, and as comfortable & confident as I normally am in my skin, I felt insecure about it. Therefore I chose to wear brown tights and a strap top under the costume parts. This is one of the perks of designing your own costume. You can to tailor it to make you feel comfortable and as covered as you like. One can even take such liberties with a canon/existing costume design if desired. There aren’t any rules for this at all unless entering into a contest.

I don’t wear open belly or bared legs cosplay in general. There are ALWAYS high quality ballet tights involved when you see my legs ‘bared’. It is just a great comfort blanky of shape-wear.

I used my own hair and some brown circle lenses along with some brown make-up details to finish the look.

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