Hello there Readers! We have the pleasure of talking with Yuuki who is in charge of Marketing for the #CosplayToken project!

Le beautiful Yuuki from Cosplay Token!

1. What is your first ever memory of cosplay? Mine was photos and particularly beautiful Cosplay Music Videos on the internet of overseas cosplayers at conventions.

First memory was halloween, I wasn’t really cosplaying but friends were cosplaying. At that time I didn’t see any characters, they were cosplaying as animals, witch, first people, pirates etc. Then I started to see more cosplay from movies, comics, on the internet. Some of them have been buzzing in Japan too.It always impresses me how they become “the character”  when I see their photos 🙂 !

2. Have you ever cosplayed?

I’ve only done for special occasion like Halloween. I am not a good make-up artist.

3. What are your favourite parts of the cosplay experience?

I enjoy cosplay photos, especially the ones from my favorite manga! Hundreds of people cosplay the same character, but they are never the same!I love ONE PUNCH MAN so I often forget about the time when I’m browsing OPM cosplay!!

4. Who are some of your favorite cosplayers?

These are some of my most favorite photos 🙂

ONE PIECE: https://worldcosplay.net/photo/1312071
ONE PUNCH MAN: https://worldcosplay.net/photo/5669309

Wow Yuuki, amazing choices!!! =*o*=


    Visit the Cosplay Token website for amazing info!

5. What are some of the ways you see Cosplay Token (COT) helping cosplayers not only in general but particularly on the grassroots level? I know that the current COT Rewards Program is a great starting point and I urge people to look into that, but in the long run – what are some of the ways COT can uplift aspiring cosplay artists?

First I want all of them to know that they have got amazing skills & passion, and  cosplay does not have to stay as your hobby, though I understand that not all of them want to make it as their career 🙂

Through this project, I hope more cosplayers and other players realize the value they are already creating, and more people will recognize the cosplay as Art, rather than just their hobby.

COT can help cosplayers get more motivated to do business more worldwide with their own coins.

6. It is about time for the COT Token Sale to launch! How has it been to see the COT project grow from the beginning to where it is now?

We’ve worked on this project for a long time, and I am thrilled that it’s finally launched!

7. What are some of the most exciting parts of the COT Roadmap for you that are in the pipeline once the token sale has started?

We do have amazing functions to be added on our platform utilizing blockchain. Besides that, what I’m most excited about is some meet-ups we are planning for the near future. Though cryptocurrency & blockchain technology are very useful, it’s still difficult to get started.We hope to have as many opportunity as possible for everyone to learn, such as how to secure Cosplay Tokens, how they can utilize them, while we all enjoy interacting with other people in cosplay community.I am really excited to see what Cosplay Token & the cosplay community bring to the cosplay industry.

Self-made Ling Xiaoyu Cosplay by KomboKatjie. Photography by Nazeem Ryklief.

Thank you so much for agreeing to the interview Yuuki, it has been a real joy working with Cosplay Token so far!

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