Hi there guys! Kinpatsu Cosplay and I recently formed a cosplay team & will be trying out for the World Cosplay Summit next year!

I used to advocate pretty heavily for the WCS to finally accept Africa into their competition – since our continent had not taken part there until this year!

There was no intention from my side to actually compete in cosplay in the recent years as I was always working behind the scenes at events, but when Kinpatsu approached me about forming a team I reconsidered and decided – why not!

We had always shared great synergy in the cosplay department & that will definitely count in our favour!

For those who are not familiar with the WCS, it is basically the internationals of cosplay contests! It is hosted by Cure World Cosplay which is a massive platform that also launched a cryptocurrency for the cosplay industry, Cosplay Token!

I will be writing more about this journey on my blog in the coming months & hope that you will support us in this major endeavor!

We still need to decide on a team name & even though we will do that ourselves you are welcome to share ideas for it if you like 🙂

Keep an eye out as we share more details going forward!

Much Love,


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