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I have the exciting honour of becoming a part of the Cosplay Token cryptocurrency project managed by Cure World Cosplay!

This is definitely a great crypto campaign to support as it benefits ALL involved in the cosplay scene all over the world. With cosplay being a rapidly growing global entertainment industry it is no surprise that it also encompasses a highly viable niche economy! There is most definitely a lot of room for cosplayers, all other creators in the industry, cosplay audience/viewers and cryptocurrency investors to benefit.

I have been using the Cure World Cosplay international cosplay portfolio website for years, and it carries a lot of weight in the global cosplay scene. There is a vast array of cosplay portfolio items featured there – just a beautiful place to visit online!

For those interested in partaking in the Cosplay Token project in one way or another, they have an awesome and continually growing website for the project here. For the hardcore crypto enthusiasts you can get straight to their Whitepaper here!

They have been picking up cosplayers to act as ambassadors of their countries for the Cosplay Token project & it is really awesome to be chosen to represent South Africa! This is the press release announcing my participation from their medium blog=^u^=

When I look at the Cosplay Token Roadmap I get chills, they have some VERY REALISTIC and attainable goals on there, and it makes this project incredibly viable for growth and success going forward!

I can’t wait to share more developments of this lovely cryptocurrency with you all as they come to light in my life. There are some other really awesome announcements from them incoming so make sure you follow their social media channels as well as my blog for any cutting edge updates! I would also love to explain in further detail the different ways this token can benefit the various members of the cosplay economy.

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