How serious are you about upliftment? Tap into this topic and more with me during various broadcasts tomorrow – all connected to the Cosplay Token ICO!

I posted on my Steemit blog about how I’ll be live tomorrow, in about 10-11 hours from now. There are some more details I would like to share about that here.

There will be a few perks to interacting with me throughout the day on my broadcasts – pop in to see what they are that that time! The meta always changes.

There is a high chance I will be ending off with Flow Art on Instagram in the evening. Maybe you can send me a music request!

Think of Cosplay Token solutions as people tag teaming for justice. By participants mutually supporting each other, the currency thrives! Let’s do this thing – my bet is that cosplay & crypto lovers alike will be thrilled with the outcome!

The most important topic I want to interact with people about is the Cosplay Token ICO which is currently almost over! Don’t miss your chance to buy in early to this reliable and sustainable cryptocurrency! You don’t even need money / existing currency to do that!

For those you do however want to purchase COT as an investment, you can use the COT website or the QRYPTOS Exchange as well, depending on the conditions you would like to accept!

Catch me live tomorrow to make COT-chan happy! I’ll talk you through anything Cosplay Token related that you might want to know. I’m very much looking forward to the Q&A. Let’s have fun!

Until then,


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