I was not expecting to stay interested going into Maplestory 2 but DAYUM am I staying!

Woops, I revealed my punchline in the intro of this article. I am just so excited about going back for more of this! Let me tell you why!

Having spent most of my life so far (from the age of 6 to 29) gaming, it has even helped me greatly as a form of therapy – but being so exposed to it meant that the amount of games that retained my interest over the years have dwindled. I would find my self uninterested in most games that generated a lot of hype among friends.

Fangirling this hard about a game is not the kind of thing I go around doing easily. Deciding to spend human life force on a gaming is a sacrifice that I don’t make lightly. The only other thing I play (99% of the time) is competitive Overwatch. See below the juicy details of my Maplestory 2 First Impression!

My very first character is a gunslinger engineer vibe (Heavy Gunner).


The preview image on Steam of Maplestory 2 is what caught my eye initially. I checked out the trailer video and some images and actually thought the game looked clunky (almost too much like Minecraft which, don’t stone me, I don’t like) – but when actually running it that is very much not the case! The Minecraft feeling actually translates very well into the puzzle elements that this game has to offer, and it fits sooo perfectly.

I also get a heavy Kingdom Hearts and mostly oldschool Final Fantasy feeling from this game. It kind of takes me back to when I was too young to understand or play Final Fantasy but would watch my brother live his best life through it. Now I can have that experience my self with a modernized version of anime style goodness. I really never played Final Fantasy my self (I did however really enjoy Kingdom Hearts), and kind of locked that experience watching my brother play it away as a family memory – but I can truly say Maplestory brought back all those feels. This top-down adventure time is super fun!


Speaking of visuals, check out how awesome the character classes look!

These designs are soooo cute and vast! I would most definitely say it makes for great cosplay options as well! Character creation is just the right amount of visual adjustment that I want. I don’t leave the process feeling like anything is missing.

I made a Wizard that I hope to use as a support character for friends!


Perfect for every scenario! I am very impressed with the music! It changes depending on everything you do and it is not overbearing at all.


This works well with the music & I found my self actually laughing out loud towards the end of my first mission. The dialogue that this game has to offer is top notch! Below is just an example of how some the dialogue screens look – you also get them with beautiful illustrations of NPC characters that you engage with.


These are very user friendly to figure out. I am still learning them all but the process has not been too much of a pain at all, which is good. The game gives you 3 different control options – console type controller, keyboard only and then keyboard + mouse. I chose to use keyboard only. The game is so damn smooth and responsive to input – this really redeemed it in a big way for me and shattered the initial idea that it may be clunky.

Inventory and Character windows.


The plot for this game is insanely massive and complex but gets distilled with a beautiful intro when you first start. The storylines of the smaller missions are designed to be very rewarding and to also make the player feel valued.


I didn’t need a lot of time with this to decide that I want to keep coming back for more! It is so cute and bad ass at the same time. There is still so much that I am learning about it, and 2 of my favorite discoveries are that you can have pets with abilities and mounts as well! I can not wait to collect them! There will definitely be Maplestory 2 gameplay / Let’s Play video clips from me in the future & I would very much love to cosplay from this too! I have always wanted to cosplay from an MMO!

Friends, Join Me in Maplestory 2!


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