This year our Overwatch team got picked up by White Rabbit Gaming!

In March 2018 I started playing Overwatch for the first time & joined the Amaryllis roster a few weeks after that. It is really great to be back in the fray of competitive style gaming!

I grew up on Gaming. There is a whole host of amazing topics to delve into from that journey, but the most exciting right now is being part of a new recent merger in South African E-Sports.

April saw the Owner of Amaryllis, Ashley ‘BrinkeR’ Groves, and White Rabbit Gaming joining forces. This is big for us!

The WRG Overwatch team, Boostios, is of the best in the country and are now our big brothers and sister in arms. Having their captain, Thebarnical, coach us on a weekly basis from now on is just a dream come true.

There is no better way to play Overwatch (or other games like CS;GO & DOTA 2) than competitively in my opinion. It is a suuuper exciting road that lies ahead of us. I won’t be sharing too much yet as we prep to launch our play from WRG influence, but you can look forward to more posts from me during the journey.

If you haven’t seen the official announcement yet and are interested, you can read that here.

The related links from Facebook and Twitter can also be seen below:

WRG Facebook Page & Twitter

WRA Amaryllis Facebook Page & Twitter

WRG Boostios Facebook Page

On the above links there are a few other articles shared covering this awesome new development.

Thank you White Rabbit Gaming for believing in us!

Much Love & Until next post,


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