I want to tell you about my favorite brand of cosplay fangs! Having used costume fangs for the past 6 years, there are some experiences I think new users can definitely learn from, as well as a few tips I would like to share!


The fangs I am assembling in this review in particular, is my 3rd set so far. It is the Classic Deluxe size.



I have had this exact brand and size in the past and it served me super well. After about 2-3 years I unfortunately lost that pair, and chose a smaller size to try it out when I purchased a new 2nd pair. They were also from the Scarecrow brand, but I found them unpleasant compared to the Classic Deluxe size. They did not mold onto my canines at all and would even frequently loosen off during wear. very annoying for fangs! I knew that when I could get a 3rd pair it would be the Deluxe size again! The biggish size is not for everybody as it does change the look of the mouth a little bit under the top lip, but to me it is a welcome furry-esque/creature-like touch.

Back when I started using these there were almost no tutorials I could find to help me with how to prepare them for use. To go over how they are to be put together for use from the package, I offer the following guide.


You will notice the fangs are hollow as shown above. They still need to be filled with a paste that you mix with provided raw materials & placed onto your tooth to cure into place.



You need to mold each fang separately at a time. Each fang uses one capsule of powder, of which there are 4 provided in the product package.



You also receive a small container with the fluid to mix with the powder, a little mixer stick as well as the small round black container you see there within which you can mix the paste. Get your mixing stick ready for the next step!



Each capsule of powder needs to be mixed with 4 drops of the fluid. try to make sure each drop is the same size as best you can.



Swiftly get to mixing your paste since the raw materials are now reacting to each other.



gather all the paste and squish it into the hollow fang. Be sure to fill the gap from the bottom right to the outer edges & try to ensure no bubbles/gaps between the fang and the paste.



Squish the fang with paste onto your chosen tooth. In most cases it is the canine tooth people use for this but I have seen people use (& be comfortable with) the lateral incisor.

Check that you are happy with the direction in which the fang is pointing immediately and re-adjust as you may see fit. Be sure to hold the tooth into place as it cures over your tooth. You don’t have to sit with your mouth wide open the whole time, just be careful not to move the fang around during the curing process. You will need to adjust the second fang to look symmetric to the first one once it is also placed for curing.



It is recommended that you keep the fang with curing paste on your tooth for 5 minutes before removing it from your mouth. Once you are ready to remove it, it might be a little difficult to pull off, but just keep trying, it will pop off in a bit! After the fang is removed from the mouth, I have one more tip to share. You need to give it a bit more time to dry out after removing it from your mouth before you do this part – filing the excess paste off.



As you see in the photo above, after curing the excess paste popped out the sides and hardened there. I just use a nail file to gently file away at this excess paste until it is gone and the fang shape left unaffected.



And that’s it for my guide and tips. If you have any questions or perhaps related photos to share, please do so in the comments below!

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