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A lot of local consumers have not heard of Raru before. A lot of us used to also support Take2 back in the day. Take2 was the go-to online retailer before online retail became as popular as it is now in South Africa. Long story short, the Take2 directors now run Raru.

I worked at Raru in 2016-2017 and coming from a manufacturing day job into a geeky technological environment was a massively welcome change for me. The management and staff there are mostly geeks for days & a bunch of them are AMAZINGLY talented musicians and gamers

Leaving Raru behind in order to make working from home a reality was a very difficult decision. They were always super supportive of my journey as a cosplayer and content creator, and still are. By shopping with them – without lifting any extra fingers – you can sponsor my journey in the geek industry.

The most convenient way to do that would be to use one of my affiliate links as the Raru bookmark in your browser. A percentage of all your purchases will be allocated to me & it will go a looong way in aiding my geeky quests!

Having worked in the Raru bubble I can confidently attest that they seriously care about customer satisfaction. Dax and Rene in Customer Care move mountains like whoa. Even through the odd complaint, they never stop caring about rectifying any bumps in the road – leaving customers happy and coming back for more. I am one of those customers that goes back to buy from Raru whenever I can, particularly due to their lit sound equipment offering.

To show you a few examples of the shiny Raru products I own, check these out!


My Black Cat Cosplay Wig

This wig serves me very well, and although this particular one is no longer in stock, Raru offers a wide array of decent quality wigs for cosplayers! Do note that they are imported so it takes a few weeks for it to arrive. The wait has always been worth it for me, having purchased quite a few wigs from them already. I’ll go into further detail about how Raru serves the local cosplay community in future posts!


Marvel T-Shirt

I bought this shirt in a massive size so that I can live my best life in it. R270 has been a very worthy expense in this case. Raru offers a vast & impressive range of geeky merchandise. Do have a look!


Studio Microphone

With movement into a lot more studio type work from my side a sufficient microphone was an obvious next step. This one costs R1815 and has been doing its job well without any problems for months now. It also comes with software for studio production with a bunch of synthetic musical instruments programmed in!


On-Camera Microphone

I wasn’t able to use my camera outside for vlogging without upgrading the microphone situation. That was done with this super cute on-camera microphone costing only R920. The quality makes the price very worth it.


23 Inch PC Monitor

When I had to get an emergency new monitor I was VERY glad to see I could get this 23 inch one for under R2000!


My Favorite Book! The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

After rerading this book online completely changed my life in unspeakable ways I just had to get a physical copy. R175 was easy to spend on a message I find so priceless.


An Electronically Charged Heat Pack

With some joint and muscle aches I have needed a heat pack. This one charges with a double point plug and stays hot for a worthy amount of time. R194 to spend on a heat pack where you don’t need the kitchen, yass!


There are a lot of other exciting products you can get from Raru & I’ll be doing more posts in the future which cover their offers. Subscribe to this blog feed if you don’t want to miss out on that! If you have never really shopped online before or shopped with Raru, any questions you might have is welcome and I will help you get onto the right track.

If any of you are so kind as to boost me by using my link as your Raru bookmark – I thank you into oblivion!

Much Love & Until Next Post,


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