Hi there guys! I have learnt a lot in my Cosplay Token campaign! I tried multiple streaming platforms at my disposal and would like to elaborate on the experience with each application.

Fibre isn’t available at the area I live in & a decent upload speed will cost me money I don’t have right now – so I am forced to test alternative streaming platforms that work on a low upload speed. Currently the line I use has 4mb Download speed and 1mb Upload.

As is I unfortunately can not run Twitch or Youtube uploading so I have accepted my fate and looked into alternatives. Through my experience I found they each have their pros and cons, as follows:

Facebook Page Live Videos


  • Facebook has a decently large user base. Even though the algorithm is strict lot’s of people have had friends on there for years already.
  • Runs well.
  • Rectangular horizontal video frame.
  • Works on PC webcam where the quality is better than from my phone.


  • Reach is affected by algorithm.
  • Text area does not scroll itself up… wat…



  • This is a busy and decently user friendly app to manage.
  • Good global reach.
  • It has a levelling system into monetization.
  • Text area scrolls itself up.
  • Works on PC webcam.


  • Flash Player installation needed. Some people are not keen on doing that.
  • Small square video frame.

Periscope/Twitter Live


  • Good reach!
  • Cute interface.




  • User friendly.


  • Lost my video footage by accidentally not saving the story I made >.< You have to choose where to allocate a story to after it is recorded I think – but need to do more testing here in future for an update.
  • The video I did manage to upload also didn’t have any sound!

If I had to choose the platform I am currently most likely to use again, YouNow takes the cake! I chose this app because the comment section scrolls itself up (Who has time to do that if you are gonna work or game on live video?! O_o), it runs on my PC & I enjoyed using this one most through the testing done so far.

This experience also reminded me that a tripod for my phone is needed like yesterday. Cosplay Token can help me, and any other cosplayer, with that & more!

I’ve been promoting Cosplay Token for the last month & am really happy to benefit from and work with such a good cryptocurrency. You can easily do it too! If you aren’t interested in purchasing Cosplay Token with fiat monies or crypto, you can farm/mine it through the Bounty and Rewards programs! Cosplay Token is a cryptocurrency that can not be nerfed!

Do consider grabbing this currency on their rewards program now! It is open for another 5 hours and after that I can not speak for if or when it will be live again. Don’t miss out!

Cosplay Token will grow if you keep it! I’ll check back in with more updates later!

Let me know if you need any boops!



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