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Here I want to share a very easy recipe on how to make fake blood.



Morgue Chan says that this is how you make it:

“It’s 2 tablespoons of syrup, 4 drops of red food colouring and 2 tablespoons of cocoa … Be warned, it’s really sticky >_< Altogether it costs about R40 to but all the ingredients ^_^”

So when I needed fake blood for my Zombie Lolita cosplay which you can see in this post imagery, I needed more than just a few tablespoons of it.

I went and amplified the amounts Morgue Chan stated – trying to keep it in proportion to her recipe. It worked out perfectly!




I know that there is a similar recipe out there where they state that corn syrup should be used, but locally that is quite rare for us and I found that golden syrup works just fine.

The blood will always be very sticky and even when it becomes quite dry it will maintain a wet look.

I messed some of it on white fabric and miraculously it didn’t even get close to staining it, but I do think with more of it there will definitely be staining – so be cautious of that.


One more significant nugget of knowledge would be that you need to consider the blood around your mouth if you apply any there. It tastes sweet en I tended to lick it off my lips even though I didn’t mean to. I kept freshening up the blood on my mouth by licking some off my arms but when it dried on my arms that was no longer possible. So if you want a fresh looking bloody mouth make sure you have some fake blood close by to replenish the look. See the predicament I am referring to below.



You do get professional make up locally which can make your mouth and teeth look rotten and dirty, but it won’t come very cheap at all.


Kaylee, one of Cape Towns most creative crafters, has the following to say about making fake blood and she even gives some nice tips on how to create fake scars. Be sure to check out her work her public Facebook page here! She also has Deviant Art profile.

“I find the easiest way to make fake blood is to use 2 tea spoons glycerine (you can buy it easily at DisChem in the infant-care section), 4 drops red food colouring, 2 teaspoons cocoa powder and as much water as to get the consistency needed. It’s not sticky at all and has a more realistic colour (my syrup one turned out a little too pink for my tastes). I can show you some images of it if you want

Also, while I’m at it, a great way to make raised scars is to use craft glue and toilet paper. You twist the toilet paper into little lines, then glue it to your skin. Once it’s dry you can use red and black acrylic paint or mascara to cover it. It’s good for making burn wounds too (you tear the toilet paper into little peices and glue them lightly on your face, and when it’s dry you just pick some of it off).”


This is what her fake blood turns out looking like.


She also has the following to say about the recipe. “I think my quantities might be a tiny bit off, I usually just keeping putting more in until I get what I need. As far as I can remember, it doesn’t dry very quickly, but if you’re wearing it for the whole day it kind of does. It just creates a bit of a red stain effect on the skin, which washes off pretty quickly with soap and water. You can also put it in your mouth, although it’s not the greatest tasting thing ever (it’s like oily cocoa powder… very bitter), and I woulndn’t suggest gettting it in your eye (obviously).


Thanks to Kaylee for the input!

I hope some peeps find this post useful!



I finally got me some brainz. Omnomnom.

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