I was invited to cosplay at the launch event for the ATK Arena – sponsored by ASUS Republic of Gamers and Corsair Gaming!

The ATK Arena takes e-sports and our competitive gaming communities VERY seriously, as proven by their highly successful launch this past weekend!

It was such a pleasure to co-cosplay there with Cashmere Tart, my favourite local Harley Quinn cosplayer!

Together we greeted the invited guest list as they entered the venue, which lead to speeches by the MC Grant Hinds, ASUS & Corsair representatives as well as the owner of the venue, Warren! Thank you to all of them and all the guys behind the scenes who made the launch so amazing. The team at ATK worked their butts off to make it really cool for all attending!ย ATK is also sponsored by Hudsons which makes greaaat food, they have their own in-house baristas as well as a gym!

Testing the machines was definitely a highlight, they run SO SMOOTHLY! Cashmere did really well playing Overwatch for her first time ever.

I ended up playing tipsy Overwatch in cosplay after leaving the event which you can watch below. Lol!

Overwatch as Bunny D.Va

Tipsy gaming lol!

Posted by KomboKatjie Online on Friday, 7 December 2018

Overall, I am seriously impressed by what I have experienced so far w.r.t the ATK Arena. They even sponsor one of the strongest local Overwatch teams, UnIdentified. Much wows!

Definitely a venue to visit & I hope to be back to do some gaming and cosplay things!

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