Hi guys! White Rabbit Gaming have out done themselves in my books. Not only are they sponsoring the Overwatch clan I play in, but they chose to also sponsor me for a big event in South Africa this year!

Comic-Con Africa is happening for the first time this year (in September) and it is gonna be huge with a wide range of amazing international celebrities set to attend. They are also hosting the VS Gaming Finals at which the White Rabbit Gaming 1st team in Overwatch, Boostios, is going to partake.

White Rabbit Gaming are huge supporters and lovers of cosplay, so it is an honour to represent them in this field.

Part of my activities will involve video footage in cosplay and interviews of both gamers and cosplayers during all 3 days! I am really excited to also support Boostios in person during all the action!

WRG also sponsored some of the vital resources/materials I need to make new costumes that will be debuted at Africa Comic-Con. I am really grateful to them for this!

Shout-out to my other sponsor who also contributed money and materials to this project, Maggie!

I’ll be posting my line-up leading up to the event a little later, but in the meantime, can you guess which character/s I will be cosplaying based on the few materials you see above? One hint, it’s going to be 3 Overwatch cosplays!

Much Love,


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