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I have started producing my craft notes behind the scenes and they will be getting posted on this website as a series of articles.

There are just some details I want to share in one place before I go about concluding those notes – things that are more general information related to my crafting style. Ever since I started cosplaying in 2011 my focus has been self crafting. Most of my work is self-made & there is methodology behind how (& why) I do it that I want to shine some light on.

One of the main drawing points to cosplay in the first place for me has been the ability we have as people to learn and improve on what we learn – to level up our skills the way we can do in games. When the spark of cosplay was set alight in me the very first time, it was inspired by 2 particular things.

1. Watching beautiful Cosplay Music Videos that were just mesmerizing. You could clearly see a lot of it was self-made because of noticeable ‘imperfections’ as they would be called. This inspired me to think “Wow, even if I am totally new to this and don’t craft perfectly, I can still go and ENJOY wearing my self-made work and pretending to be characters I love!”.

2. Literally, the WoW (World of Warcraft) Tailoring profession was also an inspiration – because just as one can level that up you can do it i real life too. The same goes for other professions related to making your own wearable items.



So with the introduction to my self-crafting journey explained, here is what I do when I craft & cosplay which would be a pain to repeat in some of the coming notes:

Those imperfections I spoke about being seen? Costuming to me (and to many others, whether they care to admit it or not, or even try) is about HIDING those imperfections. I am going to show them all with my notes so that new costumers that read them can see how I have done it. Obviously one wants your costume to look as flawless as possible. Whether self-made or not, even just the ‘mere’ wearing a costume is a balancing act of its own. There are ways to create a more tidy illusion. This is an essential part of my cosplay journey. Things are most definitely not always as perfect as they look!

I must also stress that as a self levelling-up crafter there are a lot of times when the imperfections cannot be sufficiently hidden because of lack of skill-level or certain resources, and this is OKAY. There needs to be a certain level of acceptance along this journey too. It can’t be fun if we beat ourselves up along the way for not expressing things exactly as we envision them. Everyone starts somewhere.



Everybody has their own unique stats when it comes to costuming & putting cosplay together. As a costumer, my strongest point that I have worked the hardest on is sewing/tailoring. I don’t have any official education on it & spent some time learning from others – but mostly learnt by being hands on and seeing for my self what works and what doesn’t.

Mistakes have been glorious opportunities to learn. 1 Step back = 2 Steps forward.

All the relevant progress photos at my disposal are used with notes as robust as can be articulated. It is probably important to note that I spent 6-7 years sewing without an overlocker. My crafting and sewing in general happened on a limited budget (as with many cosplayers) and I therefore worked within my means. This was a good teaching on innovation – even though that didn’t always end well!

I hope that my notes will help enrich the cosplay journey for some of you.

Thanks for checking in & keep an eye on my posts for my note releases if you are keen to read them =^u^=

Until then!

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